Top 12 Accessories That Make Houseplant Care EASY

Hey there, fellow plant lovers! Are you tired of your leafy companions looking a little lackluster? Well, fret no more! This video has rounded up the top 12 accessories that will take your houseplant care game to the next level.

With these handy tools, your green buddies will thrive, bringing life and joy to your humble abode. So, let’s dive right in and discover the magic behind these game-changing accessories!

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Mister: Sprinkle a little raindrop magic on your plants with a mister. It’s like giving them a refreshing shower on a hot summer day, awakening their leaves and invigorating their spirits.

Hula Home Continuous Spray Bottle (10.1oz/300ml) Empty Ultra Fine Plastic Water Mist Sprayer

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Macramé hanger: Hang your leafy darlings in style with a macramé hanger. These woven wonders add a touch of bohemian charm, lifting your plants up high and showcasing their natural beauty.

Dahey Macrame Plant Hanger Set of 3 with Hooks Indoor Hanging Planter Basket 35″/29″/23″

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Rooting hormone: Unlock the power of new beginnings with rooting hormone. It’s like a plant elixir, encouraging cuttings to grow roots and embark on their own journey of growth and prosperity.

Bonide Bontone II Rooting Powder, 1.25 oz Ready-to-Use Dust for Houseplants and Transplants Speeds Root Development

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Watering can: Quench your plants’ thirst with a trusty watering can. With a gentle pour, you provide them the life-giving elixir they need to flourish and bloom.

Watering Can for Indoor Plants Garden Flower

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Fertilizer: Give your plants a tasty treat with some fertilizer. It’s like a scrumptious meal for them, packed with all the nutrients they need to grow strong and vibrant.

Pruners: Trim away the excess with a pair of pruners. They’re like the plant’s personal hairstylist, shaping their lush foliage and encouraging fresh growth.

Edward Tools Pruning Snips Set (2)

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Sticker cards: Keep track of your plant squad with adorable sticker cards. They’re like little ID badges, giving each plant a unique personality and helping you remember their individual care needs.

Dawhunt 36 Pack Yellow Sticky Traps for Gnats Fungus Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors Bug Thrip Catcher for Whitefly, Fungus Gnat, Mosquito, and White Flying Insects

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Google Lens app: Harness the power of technology with the Google Lens app. It’s like having a plant expert in your pocket, ready to identify any mysterious plant species that cross your path.

Potting soil: Provide your plants a cozy home with high-quality potting soil. It’s like a fluffy cloud that cradles their roots, ensuring they have a solid foundation to grow and thrive.

Perlite: Add a touch of lightness to your soil mix with perlite. It’s like tiny balloons that aerate the soil, preventing waterlogged roots and allowing your plants to breathe freely.

Viagrow VPER4 4 cu. ft Perlite Made in USA, 1-Pack, White

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Grow lights: Illuminate your plant pals with grow lights. They’re like a radiant sun, casting a warm and nurturing glow that extends even in the darkest corners of your home.

Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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Moisture meter: Read your plants’ minds with a moisture meter. It’s like a telepathic connection, revealing when they’re thirsty and when they’ve had enough, ensuring you strike the perfect balance.

Soil Moisture Meter for House Plants

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FAQ (Foliage-Asked Questions):

Q: Can these accessories really make a difference in my plant care routine?

A: Absolutely! These accessories are like a secret arsenal that can transform your plant care experience. With their help, you’ll witness your plants thriving like never before.

Q: Are these accessories suitable for beginners?

A: Definitely! These tools are designed to simplify plant care, making it accessible to all enthusiasts, whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or just starting your green journey.

Q: Do I need all of these accessories?

A: Not necessarily. Each accessory serves a unique purpose, so you can pick and choose based on your specific needs. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your leafy companions.

Q: Where can I find these accessories?

A: You can find most of these accessories at local gardening stores, online marketplaces, or even in your neighborhood plant communities. So go ahead and embark on a treasure hunt for these magical tools!

Q: How often should I use these accessories?

A: The frequency of using these accessories depends on your plants’ individual needs. Observing your plants’ behavior and adjusting your care routine accordingly will ensure their well-being.

Q: Can I use alternative options if I don’t have access to some of these accessories?

A: Absolutely! These accessories are meant to enhance your plant care, but there are always alternative options available. The key is to adapt and find what works best for you and your green companions.

So there you have it, dear plant enthusiasts, the top 12 accessories that will make houseplant care a breeze. With these tools by your side, you’ll become the hero of your plant kingdom, nurturing and tending to your leafy beauties with love and expertise.


I’m just a plant lover from Central Florida with a passion for sharing knowledgeable facts about all things plants.

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