About Plant Hunnies

I’m just a plant lover from Central Florida with a passion for sharing knowledgeable facts about all things plants. 

I have always loved gardening and working in the yard but my love for plants peaked during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Like the rest of the world, I found myself at home with more time on my hands then I knew what to do with.

I swiftly changed my interest from doing hot yoga in a small crowded and poorly ventilated room every other day to becoming obsessed with watering, repotting, and propagating my plants daily. I went from having a handful of houseplants to a real life jungle inside my home with plants on every window sill. 

There is such a plethora of things to learn about plants from how much sunlight a plant requires down to what type of soil it needs. Just like practicing yoga, planting helps me to be patient, relieves my stress, and makes my heart smile. This site is designed to share my love for plants as well as information, facts, and answers about our little green friends with my fellow plant hunnies!