28 Fast-Growing Indoor Plants Species

Hey there, fellow plant hunnies! If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself bitten by the green bug and eager to turn your home into a lush and vibrant oasis.

Well, worry not! I’ve got just the thing for you: a list of 28 fast-growing indoor plant species that will bring life and beauty to any corner of your humble abode. So, grab your gardening gloves, and let’s dive right in!


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Tiger Fern and Boston Fern: These ferns are like the majestic tigers of the plant kingdom. With their feathery fronds and graceful demeanor, they’ll add a touch of wild elegance to your space.

Vining Philodendron: This beauty is a true climber, just like those ambitious souls reaching for the stars. It will trail and twine its way around your shelves and walls, creating a lush tapestry of green.

Brasil Philodendron: With its vibrant heart-shaped leaves, this Philodendron is as eye-catching as a summer sunset. Its contrasting shades of green will make a bold statement in any room.

Lemon Lime Philodendron, Heart Leaf Philodendron: These Philodendrons are like rays of sunshine in plant form. Their bright and cheery foliage will infuse your space with a burst of energy.

Thai Constellation Philodendron: Just like a constellation in the night sky, this Philodendron features intricate patterns on its leaves. It’s a work of art that will make your home feel truly celestial.

Philodendron Giganteum: If you want to make a grand statement, this Philodendron is the one for you. With its oversized leaves and commanding presence, it’s the epitome of plant royalty.

Philodendron Pastazatum: This Philodendron is like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Its unique foliage resembles an ancient map, guiding you on a botanical adventure.

Weeks Red Philodendron: Like a sunset ablaze with fiery hues, this Philodendron flaunts vibrant red leaves that will set your heart and home aglow.

Epiprenmum/Golden Pothos: Ah, the Golden Pothos! It’s the plant equivalent of a loyal friend who sticks with you through thick and thin. With its trailing vines and golden variegation, it brings warmth and charm to any space.

Hoya carnosa, Hoya exotica, Hoya tricolor: The Hoyas are like a trio of enchantresses, each with its own unique allure. From their delicate flowers to their waxy leaves, they’re a true feast for the eyes.

Hoya Chelsea: Just like a classic piece of jewelry, this Hoya adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your indoor jungle. Its lustrous leaves are a sight to behold.

Chain of hearts: As delicate as the threads of love that bind us, this trailing plant features heart-shaped leaves that dangle like precious keepsakes. It’s the perfect symbol of affection.

Grape Ivy: This ivy is like a vineyard in your living room. Its lush foliage and delicate tendrils will remind you of the joy of life’s simple pleasures.

Silver Satin Pothos/Scindapsus: With its silvery leaves that shimmer like moonlight on water, this Pothos is an embodiment of serenity. It brings a touch of tranquility to any space.

Monstera adansonaii: This Monstera is like a mysterious explorer with its swiss-cheese-like leaves, hinting at the secrets of the tropical rainforests. It adds an element of adventure to your indoor landscape.

Monstera deliciosa: Ah, the famous Monstera deliciosa! It’s the heart and soul of every urban jungle. Its massive, fenestrated leaves are an invitation to get lost in the wonders of nature.

Arrowhead Vine/Syngonium: This vine is like an arrow, guiding you toward a world of natural beauty. Its arrowhead-shaped leaves and charming variegation will capture your heart.

Spathaphyllum/Platinum Mist: With its elegant white flowers standing tall amidst glossy green foliage, this plant is a true embodiment of grace and purity. It’s like a serene angel guarding your living space.

Spider Plant: This plant is as resilient as a superhero, capable of surviving even the harshest conditions. Its arching leaves and cascading babies make it a true champion of the indoor plant world.

Pilea Peperomia: This Pilea is like a living work of art, with its perfectly round leaves that resemble tiny green pancakes. It’s a delightful addition to any plant collection.

Maranta: The Maranta is like a dancer, gracefully swaying to the rhythm of life. Its vibrant foliage with intricate patterns adds a touch of movement and excitement to your home.

Senecio/String of Bananas and Fish Hooks: These trailing succulents are like a cascade of blessings, flowing from above. With their unique, banana-shaped leaves, they’re a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Ficus elastica: This Ficus is a true showstopper, with its large, glossy leaves that gleam like polished emeralds. It’s a statement piece that demands attention.

Ficus lyrata: With its fiddle-shaped leaves that resemble musical instruments, this Ficus is a harmonious addition to any plant orchestra. It’s a melody of green in your living room.

Phew! That’s quite a list of remarkable indoor plants, isn’t it? But wait, we’re not done just yet! Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about these leafy companions.

FAQs About Fast-Growing Indoor Plants

1. How often should I water these plants?

It’s essential to strike a balance between keeping your plants hydrated and not overwatering them. As a general rule, check the moisture level of the soil regularly and water when the top inch feels dry. Remember, it’s better to underwater than to drown your green buddies!

2. Do these plants require a lot of sunlight?

While most of these plants appreciate bright, indirect light, they don’t require direct sunlight. Find a spot near a window where they can bask in filtered rays. Remember, too much sun can scorch their delicate leaves, so a little shade won’t hurt.

3. How often should I fertilize these plants?

Fast-growing plants are hungry creatures, so it’s a good idea to fertilize them every few weeks during the growing season. Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer, following the instructions on the package. But remember, moderation is key—overfeeding can lead to unhappy plants.

4. How can I prevent pests from attacking my indoor jungle?

Keeping a watchful eye on your plants is crucial. Regularly inspect their leaves and stems for any signs of unwanted visitors like aphids, mealybugs, or spider mites. If you spot any critters, try wiping them away with a damp cloth or using an organic insecticidal soap. Prevention is always better than cure!

5. Can I propagate these plants to expand my collection?

Absolutely! Many of these plants can be easily propagated through stem cuttings or division. With a little patience and some rooting hormone, you can multiply your plant family and share the joy of gardening with others.

There you have it, my fellow plant enthusiasts! A guide to 28 fast-growing indoor plants that will transform your home into a green haven. Remember to nurture them with love, and they’ll reward you with beauty and a sense of tranquility.


I’m just a plant lover from Central Florida with a passion for sharing knowledgeable facts about all things plants.

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