Top 10 Wacky and Weird House Plants

Are you tired of the same old houseplants filling your space? Do you want to add a touch of wackiness and weirdness to your home décor? Look no further than these top 10 unique and unusual houseplants.

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Lepismium Bolivianum (Hanging Cactus) – This cactus looks like it’s dangling from a ceiling with its long green stems that can reach up to 6 feet in length. It requires minimal care but adds maximum aesthetic appeal.

Hoya Tanggamus – Also known as the Porcelain Flower, this plant has beautiful clusters of pinkish-white flowers with deep red centers. Its small size makes it perfect for any windowsill.

Monstera Esqueleto – If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy plant, this is it! Its distinctive skeleton-like structure grows beautifully against a wall or trellis, making it a true conversation starter.

Pellionia Pulchra (Rainbow Vine) – This colorful vine has leaves that change colors depending on the light and humidity levels in the room. It’s easy to grow, and its vibrancy will make any space feel lively.

Hoya Sarawek – The heart-shaped leaves of this plant are adorned with light silver flecks, giving them a majestic look fit for any queen or king’s palace.

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Anthurium SP Limon – With its bright yellow flowers resembling lemons spouting from glossy dark-green foliage, you’ll find yourself energized by simply gazing upon this exotic beauty.

Philodendron Code 69686 – The fine point white outline tinged with pink hues sets off the lustrous green shiny leaf surface and makes for an attractive addition to any home décor set-up.

Hoya Undulata Red – Distinctive rope-like vines that sport speckles on each leaf culminating in a burst of large red flowers is what sets this beauty apart, making it the perfect item for an elegant hanging planter.

Alocasia Jacklyn – Also known as the Elephant Ear plant, it’s impossible not to feel transported to a tropical paradise when admiring this gorgeous giant. It needs plenty of bright light and humidity, but it’s worth it!

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Epipremnum Skeleton Key – This fast-growing vine has heart-shaped silver leaves featuring green veins that seem almost metallic. Its delicate yet striking features lend well to being pot-bound which makes them ideal for compact spaces and mantelpiece decor.

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Q: Do these plants require any special care?
A: While each plant has its own specific requirements, most are low maintenance and easy to care for. Just make sure you research their needs before bringing them home.

Q: Can these plants be grown indoors or outdoors?
A: Most of these plants can be grown indoors with proper sunlight and temperature control while others should only be kept outside under certain weather conditions like cacti species.

Q: Are any of these plants poisonous to pets or children?
A: Some may have slight toxicity if ingested; therefore precautionary measures should always be observed to prevent such instances from occurring. Consider placing them on higher surfaces where curious hands or noses can’t reach them.

Now that you’ve discovered these top 10 wacky and weird houseplants, find your new botanical obsession and add some personality to your space. Not only will they brighten up the room, but they’ll also add heaps of character that’ll make both you and your guests marvel at their unique charm all around!


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