Ideas for Displaying Air Plants

If you’re a plant lover like me, air plants are definitely in your collection. These tiny wonders of nature don’t need soil to grow and can add a unique touch of greenery to any corner of your home. But the question arises, how can we display them?

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Removable Mounts: U-bolts, Hose Clamp, Heavy Gauge Wire

One simple way to showcase air plants is by using removable mounts. U-bolts are an excellent choice for larger air plants as their sturdy structure helps hold them securely. For smaller ones, hose clamps work well and come in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

Another option is heavy gauge wire- bend it into a shape that complements your plant and attach it by twisting its ends together securing the base of your air plant.

Modern or Rustic Blocks of Wood

Looking for something rustic? Modern chunks of wood could be what you’re after. Use wooden blocks as a holder on top of shelves or tables or even use small cabins fashioned from old woods as a statement piece on your wall to give an authentic natural feel.

Wire Wood Mounts

Wire wood mounts provide support and look beautiful while retaining the natural color scheme giving off homely vibes. You have space to adjust rings and wires providing ample space for growth giving further accommodating stages down the line.

Hanging Sea Urchin Mounts

The Hanging sea urchin mount provides a beachy vibe with enough aesthetic balance to pair nicely without overpowering the scene. Its wire supports ensure secure holding enabling easy movement from room to room/area-to-area not disrupting other decor elements present within its rim.


Q. Can I keep my Air Plant in direct sunlight?
A: No! Your Air Plant needs protection from strong UV rays; Indirect light exposure only.

Q: Is misting my Air Plants enough to keep them hydrated?
A: Mist lightly only once a week. The best way to maintain hydration is by soaking in room temperature, filtered water for several hours about twice a month.

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