Easy Ways To Prevent Pests & Clean Houseplants

Hey there, plant pals! Get ready to dive into a wild and weedy world of tips and tricks on how to keep those pesky pests at bay and your leafy companions squeaky clean.

If you’re anything like me, a plant lover extraordinaire, you know that maintaining a healthy and bug-free indoor garden is no walk in the park.

But fear not, my fellow green thumbs, because in this blog post, we’re gonna spill the beans on some downright simple ways to prevent pests and spruce up your houseplants like nobody’s business.

So, put on your gardening gloves, grab your watering can, and let’s embark on this horticultural adventure together. It’s gonna be a plant-tastic ride, y’all!

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In today’s video, Harli G will be sharing four different ways to keep house plants clean and pest-free. It may seem tedious and unimportant to clean our plants, but they can gather dust, and cleaning them is essential to prevent pest issues.

Additionally, cleaning our plants allows us to inspect them more closely and identify any problems. Harli G likes to use plant cleaning as an opportunity to inspect her plants thoroughly.

Now, let’s dive into the plant cleaning methods. Harli G uses four different approaches, ranging from frequent cleaning to more occasional cleaning. The first method involves waiting for signs of thirst in the plants, such as drying soil and drooping.

When the plants need watering, Harli G moves them to the shower and sprays them off with water. This helps remove dust, debris, and potential pests. After spraying, the plants are left to drain in the shower, accomplishing both cleaning and watering at the same time.

The next two methods can be used interchangeably and are typically done three to four times a year, depending on the plants’ condition. The first approach is creating a mixture of dish soap, essential oil, and water.

Harli G sprays this mixture on the top and bottom of all the plant leaves, allowing it to dry. For heavily soiled plants, she wipes each leaf individually with a cleaning cloth. For plants that only need a slight shine, she sprays them off in the shower.

To prevent the soap mixture from reaching the soil, a grocery bag can be wrapped around the pot and soil.

The second method in this category involves using a neem oil and water mixture. Harli G uses a neem oil concentrate but mentions that pre-mixed options are available as well.

She sprays the mixture on the leaves and top layer of soil, making sure to wear gloves. The neem oil is left to dry on the leaves, as it needs to be consumed by pests to be effective.

Alternatively, one can wipe the leaves individually or let the neem oil dry for a few days before rinsing the plants in the shower.

The fourth and final method is specifically for removing hard water spots from plants.

Harli G mentions that she encounters this issue due to the hard, mineral-rich water in her area. To address it, she uses a mixture of lemon juice and water, applying it to the leaves.

After allowing it to absorb for a while, she wipes it off and follows up with a rinse or uses the neem oil or dish soap mixture to give the plant a thorough clean.

Harli G emphasizes that regular plant cleaning is crucial for preventing pest issues and maintaining shiny and healthy plants.

She encourages viewers to leave any additional plant-cleaning tips, questions, or tricks in the comments section for a more comprehensive discussion.


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