6 Ways To Display Houseplants On Your Walls

Well hello there, plant hunnies! I’m beyond thrilled to share with you some of my favorite ways I’ve found to showcase houseplants on your walls today!

As someone who simply can’t get enough of her leafy green pals, I firmly believe that a little touch of nature in our living spaces can do wonders for our moods and health. Plus, they sure look darn pretty, don’t they?

But before we start diving into the nitty-gritty details of wall-mounted displays for our beloved greenery, let’s first take a moment to truly appreciate what these plants mean to us. They’re like tiny symbols of hope and growth growing right beside us day by day, reminding us to keep pushing forward regardless of what challenges come our way.

But more than just being a source of inspiration or delight, houseplants have also been shown by scientific studies to purify the air around us – almost like superheroes fighting off invisible villains. And since we spend most of our time indoors nowadays, it only makes sense that we make our humble abodes as cozy and refreshing as possible with them in mind. So without further ado… Check out the video below to see the display options.

6 Ways To Display Houseplants On Your Walls


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Wall Shelf

Wall shelves are the perfect solution for those who have limited floor space in their humble abodes. Not only do they save precious square footage, but they also add charm and character to any room.

Picture this: you’re walking into your living room and there sits a beautiful wooden floating shelf holding all your lush greenery, creating an indoor garden-like atmosphere that brings a smile to your face every time you look at it. It’s like having the best of both worlds; nature indoors!

There are many types of wall shelves out there ranging from simple corner units to elaborate ladder-style options that’ll be sure to fit any decor style. Among them is the famous hanging hexagon-shaped frame which adds symbolism as hexagons are natural shapes found in honeycombs and snowflakes representing harmony with nature.

One tip I learned while arranging plants on my wall shelves is to mix up different textures and hues for visual diversity instead of having all your plants look identical- after all variety is the spice of life! Also, using small pots for trailing or bushier kinds ensures they don’t hang over too much leading to possible spills and stains on furniture or carpets.

Investing in a wall shelf has proven not only functional but also aesthetically timeless when done right with symbolical elements such as keeping plant colors complementary or similar to its surrounding decor adding depth and meaning. So go ahead, revamp those plain walls into green sprawling hotspots by shopping for some suitable shelves online that’ll suitably accentuate the personality of the enclosed flora.

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Ah, the trellis – the perfect structure for your plants to climb higher and reach for the sky. Like a stairway to plant heaven! It’s like giving your little green friends wings, except they’re more like vines.

If you’ve got a bit of space on a wall or in a corner, why not put up a trellis? You’ll soon have plenty of room to let those plants grow and expand their territory. They could even form their own little garden oasis right there on your wall!

The best part about using a trellis is that it lets your plants move up in the world. Suddenly, they’re not relegated to just being pretty floor decor – they get to explore new heights! And as we all know, with great height comes great responsibility. Your plant babies will need some extra care now that they’re living at such high altitudes (relatively speaking). You might need to water them more often than before since vertical gardening does make them thirstier.

But hear me out: it’s worth it! The way those vines start to crawl up around the latticework is enchanting. It transforms an otherwise empty space into something alive and dynamic. Plus, it can double as helpful privacy screening if needed- be sure to choose wisely according to light exposure requirements!

Now don’t go thinking that you can only use trellises outdoors either! Although traditionally associated with outdoor spaces such as patios & balconies; modern interior designs incorporate indoor-friendly ones like wire meshes adorned with fairy lights or displayed amongst wallpapers against different patterns of colors circling pastels & bright hues.

So go ahead- put up a trellis and let those houseplants soar upwards towards new heights! Who knows what kind of beauty you’ll create once you’ve transformed that blank wall into its very own verdant jungle gym?

Wall Planter

It’s a great way to let greenery decorate your space while taking less floor area. Wall planters can also double as accent pieces that change the whole vibe of your room. Let’s check out different types and which plants suit them best.

Vertical gardens in different sizes and shapes will easily transform empty walls into living art pieces. A modular panel is perfect for small succulents or ferns, creating a refreshing ambiance in narrow hallways or beside windows. Not only do these panels lend themselves perfectly to the jungle feels we love, but they also add depth to an otherwise bland wall.

The key is using plants that need minimal care. Since watering could lead to dripping when hanging near places which could cause damage to valuable items below them, consider planting pothos because its ability to thrive even if it’s neglected by someone who may have forgotten he/she owned indoor plants at all (winks).

For those clutter-free zones, hanging baskets like coir-lined metal pots are just the thing – especially for colored trailing plants popping up from fresh soil mixes high above everyone’s heads. So you would require water-saving smart soil which retains enough moisture without dripping down where it shouldn’t be.

If DIY is more up your alley then assembling wooden crates filled with tiny ceramic pots would spruce up any blank wall spaces like living rooms’ fireplaces(foreshadowing). Groupings in varied shapes create texture and layers of interest. For morning light fall place it near sun-flooded windowpanes adding depth and rejuvenating atmosphere whether in rustic white-washed crates hung side-by-side or floating shelves adorned thereby cascading hoya hearts all over(let your imagination run wild).

Growing exotic looking ferns or orchids underneath well-lit vertical panels like mossy trellises bring flair control over temperatures that settle indoor air-borne pollutants to an all-time low. Don’t be shy about mixing different styles with corresponding plants that reflect your artistic vision and goals because like-minded creatures enjoy sticking together in communities, let the plants do the same 🙂

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Wall Mount

Let me tell you about wall mounts! They’re perfect if you’ve got limited floor space but wanna add some greenery to your room. Wall mounts are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason too! It’s like giving your plants an aerial view of life since they can see everything from up there.

To get the best outta this idea, choose petite plants that proportionate well with the size of your available space because nothing looks worse than a tiny plant lost in a huge container. Try decorating with indoor-friendly materials such as Macramé hangers or Iron cast holders that give it an elegant touch.

Now don’t forget to take care of the wiring cause you don’t want any hanging down like spaghetti. Plus, remember also to fix them away from children’s reach who might tug on them thinking they’re vines.

Wall mounts help bring a certain vibe to your home decor: be it modern, vintage style, minimalistic, or artistic as juxtaposing identical-looking pots make zero impression compared to beautiful plants hanging off hooks colored marble et al., Cut glass beads clinking together when randomly moving amidst gentle breeze hinting towards nature overpowering man-made boring designs dominated by symmetry bearing drawings.

In conclusion, I’d say wall mounts are budget-friendly investments that allow us renters to experiment without worrying about ruining walls whilst elevating our dull rooms’ aesthetic appeal using lively house plants bringing some equilibrium amid concrete jungles.


If there’s no more floor space left to place your lovely plants, hanging them might just be the type of solution you’re looking for! Baskets can be a perfect pick for hanging purposes. Plus, they add a touch of rustic-chic ambiance to any design theme.

One thing I’d recommend is ensuring that your basket doesn’t have any holes large enough for the plant roots to escape from or soil seepage upon watering. It can get quite messy with soil spilling everywhere! Trust me; experience has taught me well.

Choosing baskets isn’t complicated at all since an enormous variety exists in stores or even online shops like Etsy. There are breathable wicker variations ideal for ferns that definitely need their share of oxygen, wooden slates fitted bowls where spilling soil won’t occur much ideal for petunias, and other light weedy florals or sleek metallic wireframes ideally suited for spider plants that give an industrial vibe!

I’ve started noticing how baskets aren’t only mere containers but also serve as intriguing decor elements themselves whose woven patterns begin to match and complement different design themes around it further once you put some greens in.

Do keep in mind that hanging baskets make it easy to forget watering because they’re out of sight—out of mind sort of thing. Either make yourself a note card or a reminder on your phone about giving those beautiful “hanging babies” their weekly drink!

Incorporate basket-hanging organic décor into your home aesthetic creating colorful vines cascading over the edges, adding a touch of life to bare corners!

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Macrame Wall Hanging

Oh, honey! Have you heard of macrame wall hangings? These beauties are trending among plant enthusiasts! Imagine a handcrafted art form gently swaying in your room combined with your favorite indoor greenery! If you’re going for that bohemian vibe, a macrame wall hanging with a plants-hook nestled within the knots is just what the doctor ordered.

Let me tell ya; these woven creations also come with some advantages. Not only does it give texture to plain walls but also showcases focal points in any interior setting. You can get creative and alternate between varying knot designs or stick to just one pattern depending on preference (kinda like wearing different earrings lobe styles).

The beauty of it all is how versatile macrame holders are—the possibilities are endless- beaded patterns complementing paisley wallpapers or solid textiles matched up by color schemes achieving balance in its own unique way—chic draped pots showcasing well-defining flora against green leaves do wonders for interiors that emphasize art & nature.

But wait, there’s more—not only will your aesthetic soar through the roof but cradling a plant in macramé hangers provides nourishment to both spiritual and physical attributes of living decor at home. It’s almost as if even they need clothes too!

So swing away, my friend! Embrace this style trend while providing an airy nook for your plant babies’ roots to breathe freely.

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Hey there! So, you’re considering displaying your houseplants on a wall? Excellent idea! I’ve done it myself, and trust me; it makes a world of difference. But before you start planning, let’s go over some Frequently Asked Questions.

Why display houseplants on walls?
Well, for starters, placing plants high up gives them better exposure to light than on floors or tables. Not to mention they add an organic vibe to the room that can improve your mood and relieve stress. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are space savers!

What type of plant looks best displayed on a wall?
It really depends on the aesthetic you’re going for – hanging vines/tropical plants with big leaves make quite an impression, but Do not underestimate small miniature-sized succulents with their low maintenance appeal which look fantastic when suspended in the air.

What is the easiest way to mount plants onto a wall?
As long as its weight is only mild to moderate – All kinds of hooks & adhesive strips work magic! Always factor in how much humidity levels typical of watering spurts indoor greenery may bring forth.

Will displaying houseplants on my walls damage them, and how can I avoid this?
Quite frankly too hard trees like Ficus species should preferably rest on shelves or plant stands instead but lightweight pieces like fern fronds balanced about within circular frames using herbal cordage don’t pose any harm if installed correctly according to instructions given by the seller/manufacturer.

Can I grow vegetables and herbs in wall-mounted planters?
Wall-mount planters come in handy starting from herbs such as Rosemary along with certain Vines climbing up trellises well narrow yet deep enough planter pockets. Although these carvings offer little insulation against seasonal temperature shifts so always remember what grows indoors during fall cannot winter outside unless transferred at the early onset!

How often should I water plants displayed on walls?
Due to their elevated nature necessitating a more active approach than floor standing varieties- inspecting once a week, but Watch for Telltale signs like lack of humidity in leaves, and drooping are indicative alarm bells requiring more frequent intervention!


I’m just a plant lover from Central Florida with a passion for sharing knowledgeable facts about all things plants.

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