How Do They Dye Poinsettias?

Do you wonder how they dye poinsettias? It’s an interesting process, and it starts with the selection of the right flowers. Poinsettias are harvested when they are still in bud form so that the petals are tightly closed. The flowers go to a laboratory where they have natural dyes.

How Do They Dye Poinsettias?

Growers dye poinsettias by applying a plant-safe color dye spray to give them a beautiful bright color.

A few days prior to shipping the plant they spray the bracts with the plant-safe dye spray.

The color spray does not hurt the plant and is safe for people and pets.

After the poinsettias are shipped, they will continue to open and the color will last for several weeks.

To ensure that your poinsettia lasts as long as possible, place it in a cool room away from drafts and direct sunlight.

Achieve Different Poinsettia Colors

To achieve different colors, growers manipulate the amount of daylight the plants receive.

*Produce red poinsettias by exposing the plants to complete darkness for 14 hours every day.

*To create white poinsettias, growers use a technique called etiolation, which involves depriving the plant of light and causing it to stretch and become leggy.

*Pink poinsettias are from interrupting the darkness with a few hours of light every day.

*To make marbled or bicolor poinsettias, growers expose the plant to light during the day and then place it in complete darkness at night. The result is a plant that is pale overall with streaks of color.

*For the brighter unnatural colored poinsettias, they are sprayed with a color dye to achieve their color.

Poinsettias are beautiful plants that you can enjoy indoors during the winter months. With a little care, your poinsettia will thrive and provide color and cheer all season long!

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The Benefits Of Using Natural Dyes on Poinsettias

While poinsettias have a reputation for their red and green colors, did you know that you can use natural dyes to create a variety of different colors? This means that you can have a poinsettia that is any color of the rainbow!

Not only are natural dyes better for the environment. But they can also create some beautiful and unique colors. So when you’re looking for a little different this holiday season, consider using natural dyes on your poinsettias.

So there you have it, some tips for using natural dyes on poinsettias. Christmas will come near before we know it. So get started on your holiday decorating today!

The Cost Of Dying Poinsettias

It’s actually quite affordable to dye your poinsettia. You can expect to spend about $20 on the supplies, which will last for several years. The process is actually quite simple. First, you’ll need to purchase a white poinsettia. You can find these at most florists or online. Next, you’ll need to purchase a dye kit. These can be found at craft stores or online. Finally, you’ll need a spray bottle to dye the poinsettia.


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